Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Beginning of my Quilts

The Beginning of my Quilts

On saturday we will reveal our quilts for the challenge "space".
For me it is much more easier to make quilts, when I have a theme, a size and very important a finishing date. It doesn't matter if I like the theme or not, always my brain is set on the way! Everything I see gives me inspiration for the new quilt.
Some years ago our local quiltgroup ( decided to sew walkways for the next exhibition. Wherever I walked, I looked under my feet and thought how could I make this walkway, which fabrics and colours and which techniques could be used. When time comes to be concrete, I have to decide what to do. For me this is a very difficult part. The quilt will be horrible if I put all my ideas in one quilt. But I can't sew every idea I had and I don't want to sew only walkways (or every other theme) for the rest of my life! 

In this case I decided to do cobblestones, as a memory of my hometown Goslar. It is a little town, which had its greatest time in the middleage. 

In some streets the cobblestones are very even, they must be new. 

In the garden of the Moenchehausmuseum, a museum for modern art, was an exciting installation:
Cobblestones from Timm Ulrichs.
Back at home, I browsed through my fotos. I wanted to highlight the difference between the deep grooves and the cobblestones. As a child I always laughed about ladies with high heels in the streets.

Our group used selfdyed fabrics. I applied the cobblestones on the fabric and put under every cobblestone extra batting. 

I quilted very dense all the grooves between the cobblestones and was very pleased with the effect.

Gabriele Bach: Goslarer Kopfsteinpflaster, 82 x 160 cm

The size of a finished quilt is very important then planing it. After the walkways had been finished, our quiltgroup decided every quilt should be sewn a second time. But this quilt had to be very small, only 10 x 15 cm! That was an exciting challenge. You had to decide what is really important for the quilt and how to manage the little pieces. 

For the challenge "space" I had again many different ideas, one is now finished. But I am sure that the other members of this group had much more ideas. So it will be very exciting to see the new reveal!


  1. Great ideas and work Gabriele...very interesting blog

  2. Great ideas and work Gabriele...very interesting blog

  3. What a fun interpretation of the cobbles. The small quilt is amazing. I really loved the photos of the beautiful buildings and the amazing cobbles. What a great place to live. Did you hand sew the cobbles on the larger quilt? Looking forward to seeing your Space quilt

  4. It was with a smile of recognition I red your blog. Nearly the same way of finding inspiration and then the process for making the quilt, the importance of a deadline, a theme whatever to try to convey etc.
    Although usually I do not have too many different ideas for the themes, rather it is a struggle to find one that is worth while to put time in.
    Your stone quilts are lovely and I love stones!
    Looking forward to see your "Space" quilt.