Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Space Your Space Our Space

My first thought when I saw our theme SPACE, were of those wonderful pictures NASA and others have given us from the outer space. Just like some of our hand dyed fabrics, especially some of the ice and snow dyed ones. But of course I needed something more.
In April, my daughter and I had a weekend in London and Manchester. She wanted to go to the Backstreet Boys concert in Manchester, and I wanted to visit the Harry Potter experience at Leavesden.
Well, we went together on both places. And of course, there were a bit of shopping!
Walking in the streets of London, the idea suddenly came to me. This was her space, and mine, and we had them together, so this trip ended as our space.
I decided to use photos I had taken at the concert and during the studio-tour. Transferred them to fabric, cut the in strips and bonded them to some fusible wadding. Unfortunately, the photo transfers were not so bright as I wanted, so I put a piece of blue organza on top to give it a bit more colour. I then finished this part with some stitching on top, running stitches and french knots.
The background fabric I had chosen, emphasizes the colours of the photos. For the quilting, I went for machine-embroidered lettering, inspired by Laura Kemshall. Because of the size, 15"x15", I could not use too bold letters, but I think I found a font that suits the size. And to give this background a bit more life, I put in some running stitches in some of the letters with the turquoise from the pictures.
Instead of bonding the photo-part to the background, I wanted it to have more depth, so I finished it with a blind fold and attached it loosely with stitches from the back.
and a close-up:


  1. I like the idea of the quilt! And the fabric is very beautiful!

  2. I like how you mixed your space and your daughters by "mixing" the two pictures of your trip. The mostly blue pictures and the blue background also give an impression of outer space.

  3. I agree with Sabine about the mixing of the two photos working really well. In real life I wish I could see it in real life, to get a better impression of the writing.

  4. Great ideas and wonderful colour - we have all rather gone for blue, haven't we! I wish I could see this quilt 'live' as I think the photos would stand out more than in the photo. Clever idea.

  5. Greta, what a lovely idea separating your and your daughter´s individual space like this, with a small panel on top of a bigger one. The blue color pallet is just great. Your quilting on the background panel is lovely.