Saturday, May 31, 2014


When I saw the theme "Space" I come to think of the Swedish painter Philip von Schantz and his paintings of vases and bottles which fools your eye and give you a sense of mystery. So one of his paintings was my inspiration for this piece.
Below is a link to this painting.

To try to convey space I started to paint a white background fabric with Dye-na-Flow acrylic paint. When still wet, newspaper masks with the shapes of bottles were placed on top and then sun printed. The bottle shapes that developed in a lighter shade than the background were then machine quilted. A second layer of fabric bottle shapes were raw edged appliquéd and finally as a third layer there were some organza shaped bottles added on top.
The piece is framed with a narrow binding.


  1. So striking! Beautifully done!

  2. I love them heavy quilting of them first layer of bottles. Them different layers really give a impression of space.

  3. Ann-Mari, this is a very successful piece. The abstract shapes, the upside down bottles, the different texture stitching, the overlapping - it would be a great advertisement for the Kemshalls' courses!

  4. The colour and balance of design is great!

  5. Great work Ann Mari...the play on shapes and colour is so well done.