Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunrise 7:00, March 31

Artist Statement – Challenge #2
March 31, 2013

“Every Single Day”

When the next theme was announcement, my head was filled with lots of ideas.  I started with my regular daily routines of trudging to work, drinking my morning coffee, being faced with deadlines and rushing everywhere.  Then I thought that my first part of the day is waking up in as positive a mood as I can do.  Some may even say leaning towards perky; and presto, my quilt design was formed.  What makes me leap out of bed with a stride in my step?  The sun, and thank goodness it happens “every single day”.  The title of my piece is Sunrise 7:00 March 31. As the reveal date is March 31, the sunrise will be 7:00am where I live.

Techniques:                  raw edge appliqué, torn fabric being applied onto of the fabrics and attached with ribbon, needlepoint stitches, French knots
Fabrics and embellishments:      batiks, commercial cottons, beads, pearl cotton thread and ribbons
Size:  15 inches x 15 inches

Katie (Toronto)


  1. Very nice stitch work and variety.

  2. Wow, Katie all that handwork. So beautifully done.

  3. I like the rotation of the quilt!

  4. I like the variety of hand stitches!

  5. I love your sun and think you have interpreted it so well. Love the stitching.

  6. Gorgeous stitch work in celebration of the sun.
    How fitting.

  7. This will brighten up any day. There is so much detail in the quilt with the ribbons and hand stitching. I keep going back for another look. I really like the strong sile design that showcases all that stitching to perfection

  8. This is definitely a quilt to wake up to. How did you find time to do all that gorgeous hand-stitching?