Sunday, March 31, 2013

"I wish you HAPPINESS every single day!" by Lyuda

The first thought after announcing the name of the next theme was: “WOW! So many options!”.
But these options make it too difficult to choose just one. So, I've decided to write down (as some of us also did) things which happen every day and list looks like this:
  • Sunrise- sunset
  • Day – night
  • Food
  • News
  • Household chores
  • Favorite things
  • Love to different things
  • We get older
  • Beauty of the day: flowers, sky, nature
  • Happiness – sadness
  • 24 hours – seconds, moments
What to choose? That is the QUESTION!

I like to make positive quilts; I like to use bright colors. So finally I decided to choose “happiness, 24 hours, moments”.
After choosing words I made colors’ choice. Happiness for me is only bright rainbow colors.
Next step was to draw draft. 
First I've wanted to make 24 squares as 24 hours but it didn't feet in 15 inches. Finally I decided to use circle for 24 hours as time go on and on.
The circle was made as spiral from rainbow colors and is divided in 24 segments which symbolize hours and time.
White and black beads symbolize good and bad moments which happen every single day.
Thin threads which end the circle are the time which disappears without being seen. 
I weaved background from different scraps to show that our life and every day consists from pieces of joy, happiness, sadness…


  1. What a beautiful, vibrant quilt - and so full of happiness! I love it. The bright colours are perfect.

  2. Your quilt makes me think that you laugh a lot. Well done!

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  4. Radiantly positive this quilt is! Congratulations on beautiful colours too.
    Pamela P

  5. Radiant and gorgeous quilt, Lyuda, it makes me feel happy!

  6. You manage to incorporate a lot of your philosophy into your quilts, and they are so positive and colourful. We feel we are getting to know you better through your art.

  7. Lovely. Surely shows happiness.

  8. Lyuda,
    Your quilt is definitely happy!
    what fun. I love your color palette as well.

  9. I love all the intention in this wonderful piece, Lyuda. It's truly joyful and I keep going back in to see all the details.

  10. This is such a fun quilt, the colours are so warm and enticing, I do like the writing and the symbolism of the beads, the woven background. So many elements that all work together, it's great

  11. What a great quilt Lyuda. So lovely with it´s bright colors. Such joyfulness. It makes you happy.