Sunday, March 31, 2013

Crazy days

Crazy Days

When I learned about our new theme the first thibg that came to my mind was crazy. As evryone who has taken care of young children knows, always expect the unexpected, be always prepared for any kind of interruptions. But a traditional crazy quilt was not what I wanted to do. So I decided to make a modern crazy quilt. I didn't want the quilt to look to busy so I choose light colours in green, blue and grey-blue for the block. I included a few orange strips for contrast and also for the interruptions that happen at any time. The quilt has a border as even when the days are kind of crazy we try to have a constant schedule for the children with almost fixed meal hours, TV-time, bedtime... I included a small crazy block and an orange strip since on some occasions like birthdays or other special days the schedule might be overruled. The spiral quilting in the crazy block represent the fact that time goes by like a whirlwind with children at home.
Fabrics: Batiks, cotton
Thread: 100% cotton (piecing), rayon (quilting)
Batting: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
machine piecing and quilting


  1. This is a very peaceful quilt for such a hectic life! Well done.

  2. Love the pastel colours with the orange zingers! The days do get less crazy when your kids get older..

  3. Kids can even add zingers at 40 years old. I love your idea and the choices of color.

  4. Remember the feeling which you have interpreted so fine. I like the design and the colors.

  5. Hi Sabine,
    Love it.
    ...particularly the pairing of a busy, abstract design and soft calm color palette.

  6. Man, Sabine, you must be a goddess! Who else would pair a soothing palette to represent a crazy day? This is a wonderfully elegant interpretation of the theme.

  7. Sabine, your quilt makes me feel like enjoying carefree reflective calmness with its gentle lines and soft colours. It is very lovely indeed.

  8. What a stunning quilt. Wonderful colours, everything works so well and the orange, while illustrating the disruptions doesn't jar it provides wonderful points of interest

  9. Sabine, I think you must be able to main much calmness in your crazy, hectic life! This quilt is very serene and seems to really reflect your nature.