Thursday, January 31, 2013

'Avian Calypso' - Deborah Wirsu

'Avian Calypso'
 Detail 1

 Detail 2

Artist's Statement
Colour, movement, music and joy were my first thoughts when presented with the theme 'Carnival'.

With my background in music, the theme drew me to the strong rhythms and energy of calypso music, often heard in festival and carnival settings. I am also inspired by nature and to me, Australian Lorikeets  suggest the colour, movement and 'personality' of carnivals. Lorikeets are delightful, gaudy birds, extremely playful and love to listen to music and 'dance'. 

I think of my piece as suggesting a rhapsodic state, created by energy, beat, music, heat, perpetual movement, colour, ribbons...

The piece is worked in cotton, using turned, fused machine appliqué and dense quilting. 15"x15".


  1. Beautiful colours and lots of movement! A very nice interpretation of the theme.

  2. The birds are amazing, such colour and detailed sewing. I like the composition it really conveys the dance

  3. Boy, are you a master, Deborah. This is beautifully done. What an interesting take on the theme.

  4. So beautiful birds and great machine quilting!