Thursday, January 31, 2013

Katie's Artist Statement

“Carnival” is Latitude Quilts’ first challenge.  As I started my doodling, I realized that everyone has a different image of a Carnival.   For some, a Big Top circus tent filled with magic and surprises; for others, a time of indulgences before Lent in places like New Orleans or Rio.  My interpretation of the theme revolves around the beaded necklaces that are thrown amongst the crowds in New Orleans.  Having never been there, I didn’t want to show the actual parade, but the day before with the tacky necklaces ready to be taken and given away.  My piece is titled “New Orleans, here I come”.

Techniques:    hand appliqué and hand embroidery
Materials:       commercial batik fabric, tulle, beads, and hand-dyed pearl cotton
Date:               January 31, 2013
Size:                 15 inches x 15 inches


  1. Wow, you have enormous patience to do all those little circles> Well done!

  2. Love the color scheme you used. And isn't it funny -- before I read your statement, I thought your quilt was about what was left over after a fun night at carnival.

  3. Are the beads all needle point applique?, that's a lot of work!

  4. Beautiful beads awaiting another year!