Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door ( Eleanor Rigby: Lennon/McCartney)

Art is the basis on which I seek to explore and understand the many influences that shape our perception of ourselves, our belief in who and in what we are. Our self-image then influences our interpretation of our life experiences and our interactions at all levels.  Who is everyone else in relation to my view of myself? What is the meaning of something in relation to my perception of myself? How can I interpret the world within the framework of my self- knowledge, experience and beliefs? How do these interpretations affect my self-perception?
I use many different techniques in my artwork depending on what I feel will best express what I am trying to convey. I use hand dyed and commercial fabrics, piecing, appliqué, stitching, quilting, drawing as well and many other techniques. Recently I have started to weave fabric strips into fabric for backgrounds and motifs. This helps me express in visual terms the idea of interweaving different elements to create a new and different whole.
In this challenge quilt I have used the carnival mask to examine our use of masks in our daily life. From the background weaving of emotions, experiences and beliefs that form our innermost self, what do we choose to reveal to the outside world?  What do we hide and why? Do we ever reveal our entire self? What effect does this fragmentation have on our self-perception?


  1. What a great quilt and the thought behind it. The title seemed very familiar when I clicked on the right side list to open it. Very appropriate.

  2. The visual depth that you have created in this piece draws me in for a closer look. Your artist statement also draws me to a closer look at my self perception. Very metaphysical.

  3. There is so much atmosphere here, the woven background gives good texture. The quilt leaves me with a feeling of loss and melancholy not sure why, almost an after the party feeling.