Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hidden Self

For me Carnival conjures up images of long ago Venice. While researching this I learnt of the Moretta masks patrician women wore. They were kept in place using a bite piece, so they could not talk, eat or drink while celebrating carnival. I sought to capture the isolation and discomfort that made me feel.
Does this still happen today?
That hidden self behind the mask.

My goal was to combine the use of new techniques and materials with familiar ones.
Fabrics used are cotton, man-made voile, and a silk/bamboo blend.
Techniques include tray dying with Procion dyes, melting, hand and machine applique, colouring with Markal paint, beading and free motion quilting.


  1. Beautiful quilt. and with the colors it has that sense of loneliness.

  2. How awful to be forced not to enjoy a party because of a mask. Great idea to express the contrasts inherent in that in your quilt.

  3. Very well done! I like that you were looking at the less festive part of the carnival.

  4. Very well done, I like the colours!