Thursday, January 31, 2013


After looking for inspiration in the history of carnival and at the wonderful masks of the carnival of Venice, Italy I camne back to Germany. We have a lot of carnival guilds, many of them having shows, the biggest being shown on television. After seing a report called 60 years carnival show of Mayence on television I reviewed what overall impression was left: music and songs, happy people, lots of colours, both from the costums and from the room decoration with the colouzrs of the guild(s), as well as ballons, paper streamers and confettis, especially at the end of the show.

This are the elements I incorporated into the quilt, the colours representing both the happiness of the people and all the colours in the room. My quilt is called Fasching as this is how the people call carnival in the south of Germany.


  1. Mission accomplished, Sabine: joyful, happy, colorful!

  2. Very festive. I love the use of the ribbon.

  3. Happiness, joy, laughter are all conveyed by your quilt, I really love the sparkle of the sequins. It's a party in a quilt

  4. Those ribbons are essential to the piece. I am so glad you found them and then had the patience to take the stitches out and reapply them. Very festive piece.

  5. That's my kind of Fasching! Colourful, joyfull and full of music!

    1. Thank you.- I watched a carnival show on TV last friday (Frankenfasching) and just kept thinking "my quilt represents what I am seing there".