Thursday, January 31, 2013


Shrovetide – in Danish ’Fastelavn’ – is the original Danish carnival held in February which is wintertime in Denmark. Normally it is very cold and often we have snow at that time. Nowadays it is primarily a children’s feast which brings colours into cold and dark days. The children get some branches heavily decorated with sweets, coloured paper and small gifts.

Rio de Janeiro has inspired to carnivals in Denmark but these carnivals are postponed until winter is over.

The Quilt

The background is made of free hand cut fabrics in white and blue to mimic the Danish winter landscape.
The colourful Shrovetide/Fastelavn is mimicked by tree shapes, in the border and in some decorated branches.
Beads were added as branches on the trees and on the children’s decorated branches. 


  1. Great piece, Gurli!

  2. Your choice of background colours and fabrics really gives that winter feeling. Well done. I also like the small beading accents.

  3. This is so delicate and striking.

  4. Your choice of fabrics was spot on-- that has such a winter feel!