Thursday, January 31, 2013

Russian winter carnival "MASLENITSA"

After the theme was announced my first thought was about carnival in Brasil and I've started to look for a photos on the web.
But one day I was reading about old Russian holidays and suddenly remember my childhood when we celebrated "Maslenitsa". This is a holiday of farewell of winter. People go to the fair at that day where there are a lot of fun, roundabout, jokes, games, dances and Russian traditional pancakes ("bliny").
So the idea of the quilt was born. I chose colors: white- for snow; red, blue-as traditional  for Russians. Circles symbolize roundabout, pancakes, women skirts,  when they  dance.


  1. Without the title and explanation it just looks like a carnival in a northern climate. Wonderful quilt.

  2. I can see the Russian influence and the swirling skirts. Well done!

  3. Love the colors and swirling circles. I am in awe of all the beautiful points you've sewn, Lyuda!

  4. I too am in awe of your points! Janice described my thought also - swirling skirts. Beautiful!